10 Weird Anxiety Facts

The Facts

1. Anxiety Is Very Common

An estimated 18% of Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder. That’s a lot  of potential Fearless Fam members 🙂 By the way, if you want to join a safe group where we openly discuss anxiety, travel, and just hang out online – click here to join The Fearless Fam on Facebook!

2. It Can Pop Up In Adulthood

Adults are way more likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder than teenagers! It’s about 10% for teens and 40% for adults. I swear as soon as you turn 18, move out, or graduate college, all of a sudden you’re expected to be an adult. That’s got to be one of the many contributors to anxiety in adulthood!! Learn more about my Post-Grad Depression story here.

3. Balance Problems

Anxious people are more likely to deal with balance issues. This is so funny, because I totally feel like I sway while I’m just standing normally. Sometimes I even worry that everyone around me thinks I’m drunk and I get really self-conscious. Thanks, anxiety.

4. Bigger Personal Bubble

Anxious people have a larger personal “safety zone”, so we’re more likely to feel awkward while standing next to people. But we don’t bite. Usually.

5. Quicker to Jump To Conclusions

Folks who suffer from anxiety are quicker to jump to conclusions, especially when judging facial expressions. I literally lol’ed when I read this, because it’s totally me. I’m often convinced someone is angry with me, judging me, or sad when they’re definitely not.

6. Anxiety Is Expensive

Anxiety disorders cost the US an estimated 44 billion dollars a year. About half of that cost is from the repeated use of healthcare services. I definitely contributed to this number at some point with all my paranoia-driven check-ups.

7. Physical Symptoms

Anxiety isn’t all in your head! There are associated physical symptoms, too. Dizziness, headaches, shaking, and rapid heart beat are all things I’ve personally experienced because of panic attacks.

8. Anxious Ancestors

This is less of a fact and more of an idea. Basically, people say it was our anxious ancestors who prepared better and were therefore more successful. The relaxed, laid-back guys on the other hand never made it. Because of this, we have developed over time to be a more anxious society. Not sure how I feel about it, so I’m curious to know what you think! Comment below or in The Fearless Fam group where I posted this as a topic.

9. Re-Framing Thoughts

One of the best ways to combat anxious feelings is by re-framing the way you’re thinking about a particular situation. This reminds me a lot of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy technique. If you think this could help you, definitely check out this video!

10. Everything Smells Bad

I saved the best for last. This is hands down the weirdest fact about anxiety I’ve ever heard. Apparently, there are scientific studies that show beyond a reasonable doubt that anxiety affects the way we process scent. Anxious people are more likely to label a neutral smell as a horrible one, and to smell bad scents more often.

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