5 Free and Cheap Things To Do In Tucson

There are so many things to do in Tucson, but I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 free and cheap attractions! Check out the videos below and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more travel tips.

Saguaro National Park

If you go nowhere else, go to Saguaro National Park! I didn’t like the desert until I came to this beautiful place and learned all about the saguaro cactus. If you’ve got a little extra cash to spare (I didn’t), I heard that the Desert Museum is totally worth it!

Cost: $15 per car for a one week pass

Mission San Xavier Del Bac

Mission San Xavier Del Bac is a historic Catholic church on the Tohono O’Odham Indian Reservation. Entrance to the church is absolutely free, and it’s a one-of-a-kind experience seeing the unique blend of cultures.

Cost: Free!

Tucson Horse Races

Tucson’s Rillito Park is the perfect example of an American horse race track. Entrance is cheap, drinks are strong, and the horses are fast as hell. The best part of this Tucson attraction is the fact that it’s fun for all ages and all types of people. Watch the video to find out my top tip for maximizing fun here!

Cost: $2 parking, $5 entrance

Mount Lemmon

Driving up Mt. Lemmon was a total trip! The bottom of the mountain was the normal Tucson desert climate, but after 20 minutes of driving I was surrounded by pine trees, it was 20 degrees cooler, and my friend was throwing a snowball at my feet. Turns out the hot air from Tucson hits the mountain and cools off towards the top and down the other side. Because of this, Mount Lemmon is home to a ski run, campsites, and a small mountain town.

Cost: Free!

Downtown Tucson

(video coming soon!)

Be sure to check out downtown Tucson before it’s completely different! The metro area of this city is growing like crazy. Due to all these changes, there’s budding craft food and beer scenes, plus tons of fun stuff to do. We browsed boutiques, tasted beers, played pinball, and watched the sunset from the top of a University of Arizona parking garage.

Cost: Free to walk around, Parking prices vary (the meters are cheapest)

Stay tuned for my upcoming Tucson Food Guide!

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