Hi, I’m Lauren!

I inspire anxious people to get out and travel! Anxiety and I go way back, we’re actually travel buddies. Check out this sweet infographic to see what I mean:

Traveling with anxiety made me realize that making daily decisions based on what you love launches a beautiful domino effect. I still have to push myself out of my comfort zone to go on epic adventures, but the process makes my comfort zone grow a little more each time.

About a year ago I began building an online community called the Fearless Fam based around the idea that life should be about what you love, not what you fear. We mostly hang out on the LWF YouTube channel, sometimes on Facebook or Snapchat (I’m @laurenmatoke), and sometimes on this blog. Oh, and I hope you know that you’re always invited!

This website serves as our constantly-growing collection of inspiration, stories, tips, advice, and wisdom about travel, anxiety, and the gap between the two. Think of it as the ultimate resource hub for anxious travelers!

Welcome to the Fearless Fam 🙂