What Is IKEA Like In China?

The Weird Thing About IKEA In China

On first glance, Chinese IKEA looked nearly identical to my familiar American stores. Then I noticed something. Every single bed, sofa, sectional, and cozy chair was occupied by someone napping. I hope you know I’m not exaggerating when I say “every single one”. I saw toddlers tucked into queen beds, old people napping on top of display duvets, even couples spooning. It’s not unusual to see people sleeping in weird places in China, but IKEA?! I was super thrown off until I found this New York Times article.

While snoozing is prohibited at Ikea stores elsewhere, the Swedish retailer has long permitted Chinese customers to doze off, rather than alienate shoppers accustomed to sleeping in public. Last year, the Chinese state news media reported that the company was planning to crack down on “impolite behavior” by waking nappers who had removed their shoes or snuggled under the covers. But those rules were never enforced, perhaps because Ikea believes that a nation of a billion consumers who sleep in its shops will someday decide to take that furniture home.

“Shh. It’s Naptime At Ikea in China” by Dan Levin for the New York Times

What do you think? Should people be allowed to cuddle up under the covers on IKEA display furniture? Comment below! And if you want China travel advice, be sure to check out this China Travel Guide!

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