Is China Safe?

Is China Safe? Yes.

I lived in China for most of 2016. Before we left, I planned for the China I had envisioned my whole life, which was sort of a scary place. The truth is, I didn’t know much about China and most of what I heard was pretty negative.  I’m here with your truth for the day: China is a very safe country.

First of all, security in China is fantastic. Want to take the subway? Bag check required. Headed to the Forbidden City? Go through a metal detector. All the security measures I saw during our travels around China made me feel much safer than I do at most places in America.

Secondly, it is illegal for private citizens to carry guns. Unlike the US, gun sales in China are very heavily regulated. To be honest, I don’t even know how you would buy a gun if you were allowed to. I love living in America, but the number of people who are allowed to possess concealed firearms is truly frightening. This fact alone makes me feel less safe in Seattle than in Beijing.

Lastly, I’m going to paint a picture for you. I have anxiety. Most of you know that. But I used to walk around alleyways in China at night and not constantly look behind me. I don’t walk around at night here in my California suburb because every sound would convince me I was about to die. Overall, I was far less concerned about being mugged, raped, attacked, or taken advantage of in China despite the fact that I lived in a city of more than 20 million. If you’re still nervous about walking around China alone, check out these 20 China travel hacks for my top safety tip.

For more tips on traveling or moving to China, click here to check out the Ultimate China Travel Guide! And be sure to comment if you have questions!

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2 thoughts on “Is China Safe?”

  • Thank you so much for posting all of this awesome information! My husband and I are traveling to China and I’ve been really anxious about traveling there. Your blog has helped to calm my fears and now I’m excited to visit. We go in the middle of October. We will be in Beijing, Wuhan (Hubei Provence) and Shanghai. Any advice on clothes to wear? Will it be very cold at this time?

    • Hi Emily! So cool that you’re headed to China soon!! Middle of October in Beijing is JUST starting to get cold. I was in leggings, t shirts, hoodies, and sneakers and was pretty comfortable. I think light layers would be best so you can shed layers if it gets hot and layer up if it feels cold. Here’s a link to all the vlogs I made in China last October to give you a better idea: Hope that helps!

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