Pre-Travel Anxiety

This feeling I’m having right now is something I felt back in December 2010, right before I was about to leave for a semester in Ireland, and it’s the reason I’m writing now. Pre-travel anxiety can be intense, it can be mild, or it can bottle up and explode, but no matter what form it takes, developing your own coping mechanisms is absolutely essential.

Pinspiration As A Coping Mechanism

Something big is about to happen in my life, and it’s not just something I’m being thrown into. It’s something I chose and have been planning for. Sometimes during this mental process I have moments where I just think, “what the hell am I getting myself into?” I’ve never even been to Asia, and now I’m moving there?! My first coping mechanism is to bury myself in what I like to call Pinspiration. I’m not sure if it’s the healthiest option for dealing with my anxiety, but here I am scrolling away on Pinterest anyway.

Here’s a curated set of images and quotes that motivated me to pick myself up and get excited about my upcoming travel:

A Feminine Tomboy | Travel Inspiration On La Vie Sans Peur
A Feminine Tomboy
La Vie Sans Peur | Travel Inspiration | Via 99 Travel Tips
99 Travel Tips

La Vie Sans Peur | Travel Inspiration | Via

La Vie Sans Peur Blog | Travel Inspiration St Augustine Quotes Inspo World Is a Book Wanderlust

La Vie Sans Peur Travel Inspiration

La Vie Sans Peur Travel Inspiration | Via theodysseyonline
La Vie Sans Peur | Travel Inspiration | Via TheBerry
La Vie Sans Peur Travel Inspiration Via 99 Travel Tips
99 Travel Tips

La Vie Sans Peur Travel Inspiration

La Vie Sans Peur Travel Inspiration Via How Wild Was It
How Wild Was It

Pinned From Free People | La Vie Sans Peur Blog Travel Inspiration Inspo Wander

La Vie Sans Peur Travel Inspiration

I could keep going all night, but I’ll stop and just tell you to click here to join me in my Pinspiration madness.

Other Ways To Cope With Pre-Travel Anxiety

Although Pinterest is a really great way to spin my mind back in a positive direction, there’s other things I do to cope with pre-travel anxiety.  Music is huge for me, especially upbeat, positive playlists, like this oneWriting in a journal has been my go-to stress reliever since I was a kid, and I still swear by it. I got myself this set of 3 adorable notebooks in preparation for China and I’m already a few pages in. Other coping mechanisms that have worked for me are going on long solo walks, hiking with my dog in the woods, and reading a new book on my Kindle.

For more inspiration, check out this list of a few of my favorite female travel bloggers.

Our Travel Plans

For those of you wondering about our travel plans, we leave San Francisco at the end of January and then drive up to Northwest Washington to spend some time with my parents (and drop the dog with them… shhhh we haven’t told him yet). We fly from Seattle to South Korea in mid-February, then to Shanghai the next day. From Shanghai we’ll be taking a train to Nanjing where we’ll pass out for a few days in temporary housing. Eventually we’ll be in our own apartment, which we’ll settle into for a little over 3 months before Eric starts his internship. We don’t know where the internship is yet – it could be in Shanghai, Nanjing, or Beijing. I’ll definitely be keeping you updated! 🙂

If you have any tips or tricks for dealing with travel anxiety, be sure to comment below!

Thanks for reading! Talk to you soon 🙂




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4 thoughts on “Pre-Travel Anxiety”

  • I too get pre-travel anxiety, I think it is quite normal especially so for those who struggle with anxiety. I find it helpful to do what I need to prepare for my trip, and then to remind myself that “I have the skills to cope with what will come my way”. You too have the skills to cope with whatever awaits you! Bon voyage!

  • I’m leaving the US next week to study in Suzhou for the summer and feeling quite unprepared, thus anxious. I was surfing Pinterest to relieve the anxiety and found your blog – so many of the posts have been SOO helpful! Thank you! (Funny coincidence: I also studied abroad in Ireland during my undergrad)

    • Whoa that’s crazy that you went to Ireland! How funny! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel- it’s all about traveling with anxiety and living well with anxiety 🙂 Happy travels!!

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