Tucson Budget Food Guide

El Sinaloense

Get the Sonoran dog! It’s a bacon wrapped hot dog with beans, veg and a slew of sauces.

Cost: $2.75

Robert’s Restaurant

Robert’s Restaurant has been cooking up made-from-scratch breakfasts and lunches since the 70’s! Every single thing is good, but the cinnamon roll is to die for.

Cost: Under $10 for breakfast, $3.59 for a grilled cinnamon roll

Roadside Tamales

I’m not sure where we found this one! We drove north of Saguaro National Park West towards Marana County. I doubt she’s there all the time, though. My best suggestion is that if you see roadside tamales – BUY THEM!

Cost: $2-3 per tamale

Bazil’s To Go

Bazil’s is a long-standing family-owned and operated Chicago-style pizza joint in Tucson. Get the chicken cheddar green chile!!

Cost: $12-20 per pizza

Tacqueria Aqui Con El Nene

There are a ton of delicious taco trucks in Tucson, but this one stood out! Alongside every taco you’re served a grilled Mexican spring onion called cebollitas. Plus, they’ve got a huge salsa and veg bar!

Cost: $2ish per taco

Le Caves

This “vegetable donut shop” has been baking fresh donuts since 1935! They’re the perfect fluffy texture, not too oily, not too sweet, plus many of them are vegan.

Cost: $2ish per donut

Waffle House!

This is certainly no Tucson-exclusive breakfast chain, but we don’t have them up in Northern California, so I had to try! It’s the most comforting breakfast food I can imagine, but I highly recommend stopping into Goodness for a green smoothie afterwards. You know, because… digestion.

Cost: $4.25 for a pecan waffle

Carniceria La Noria

You can buy fresh meat and they’ll cook it outside for you! Plus, this is a great place to find snacks unique to this area of the world.

Cost: Varies


When the sweltering desert heat starts to get to you, go grab a frozen drink from one of the many eegee’s shops.

Cost: $3ish per drink


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